The Website People
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Make Your Website Matter
Maintaining a WordPress website and keeping it up and running day and night, is what we do best. We’ll handle all your website’s technical demands, including security & optimization, so you can sleep easy knowing your website is in good hands. Whether you want a fix for a hacked WordPress website, wish to avail our WordPress malware removal service, or need any other kind of WordPress fixes, we are there for you!

The Website People can help you set up a staging site to test, revise, or update without risking the functionality of your live site.

Your data can be migrated to one of Our Own Servers without you lifting a finger!

No more flaky developers. No more impersonal interactions. Just WordPress experts that you know and trust.

The Website People team is here to assist you with any and all WordPress guidance, advice, and answers you may need.

We provide nightly offsite backups of your database and file system so you never have to fret about losing your data.

All of our plans provide access to the Website People's 18 Years of expertise and experience.

Update what?! Let The Website People handle it for you, and never worry about those pesky site updates ever again.

Our partnership with iThemes guarantees that your WordPress site will be safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring.

Leave the Technical Part to us While You Focus On Your Business

Because WordPress is open source and very flexible, the continuous upgrades give you more options and expand the functionality of what you are able to do. Depending on how frequently you update your website or blog, your needs may be different, that is why we offer multiple options. Keeping track of plug-ins, back-ups, spammy comments and more can be a headache. We understand that your want to keep your WordPress running, but you have more important things to take care of on your business. We take the stress and hassle off your hands with our WordPress maintenance services.