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Bhavna Limbachia

Bhavna Limbachia

Born in the City of Preston, Lancashire ,Bhavna’s media career includes TV Series, such as Doctors, Casualty and for Tiger Aspect Productions Mount Pleasant. Since 2012 Bhavna has played Alia Khan in BBC One’s Citizen Khan. More recently Bhavna can be seen on ITV’s Coronation Street Playing the Role of Rana.


Charged with creating a bespoke and vibrant website design for the New TV Actress Bhavna, we considered many designs before deciding upon our layout. Through this we planned to showcase a personable charm matched with attention-grabbing appeal. Numerous factors were important to the new design, most prominently its ability to cater for potential agencies looking for an actress to play a specific role, its precision in relaying accurate information, and the promotion of an accessible user interface. Illustrations would play a key part in the realisation of these goals, making for an approachable image based on trustworthy ideals.

Bhavna Limbachia


A striking colour scheme was developed as part of the new website, with a focus on bold simplicity to express the key attributes of Bhavna. The end result is a memorable design which complements the lively illustrations, ultimately creating a call to action colour scheme which draws potential towards Bhavana.