Get highly targeted visitors to your website immediately, with paid Google “AdWords” commonly referred to as PPC or Pay Per Click.

These ads are usually at the very top of the page and down the right side, surrounded by faint pink or yellow coloured backgrounds and labelled as “sponsored listings”. As the name suggests, the cost to you is charged per click from web users.

Some Google searches will result in no paid ads in the results, as nobody is paying to target that particular search. If someone asks Google “what is the population of India” – there usually would not be any ads, as there is no relevant market, or method of profiting from that search phrase. Conversely, if one searched for “buy cheap computers” then the search results page would produce a vast amount of paid ads.

The Best AdWords Service in Town:

  • No Setup costs
  • Clear monthly fees – No hidden surprises that can blow out your budget
  • Aim to reduce your spend amount – not trying to increase it so our pocketed percentage can be larger
  • Regular detailed reports issued

The Complexities of AdWords

Google AdWords is an equally complex process to master as organic listing SEO is. Having a thorough understanding of this platform is the difference between spending huge amounts of money for no return, or receiving a great return on investment.

The following are some of the considerations:

  • Setting a budget and making it work for you
  • Ad creation and catchy sales copy
  • Cost Per Click bidding strategies
  • Reviewing Campaigns and analysing data
  • Constantly monitoring all relevant parameters

AdWords does not have a fixed cost per click, as Google rewards those running successful campaigns, with cheaper clicks. One person may pay five times what you do for the same keyword, depending on your campaign performance and conduct. This is why it is highly advantageous to have a professional run your campaign.

AdWords VS Natural Listings

Further to the above, as more and more Google users are becoming aware (consciously or not) of the fact that these results are paid advertisements – those who do move straight on the organic search results. This is why we strongly recommend that all AdWords clients implement natural SEO Services to attain high organic results also. There is no better way to dominate Google than to have your paid ads, and your natural listings appearing in the search results on the same page. The first page…