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Mobile applications go far beyond the experience offered by a mobile website.
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Forward-looking companies both small and big ones actively create mobile applications, injecting a new lease of life in the way they run business and hence moving their businesses to the next level. As people spend in their smartphones and tablets, a mobile app can become a good way to reach the target audience globally, and at the same time, it can become a smart tool to empower the employees and business partners enabling them to act faster and be always aware of the real-time situation and data.

We design, build and launch apps to work alongside website projects, created to increase accessibility for your customers so they can seamlessly connect with you on mobile.

I ensure the app integrates well with your new website while checking it’s optimised for purpose. Each app I create is strategically crafted to ensure it meets the needs of your target audience and is executed with a refined marketing strategy to promote it.

I can also work with you to continually improve the app as it grows and requires additional updates. Whether you need a static or dynamic design, I build for iOS and Android using a single codebase, so you don’t need to worry about creating and maintaining two separate builds.

What is iOS?

iOS is an operating system for mobile devices manufactured by Apple. iOS is a closed ecosystem limited to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with variants running on the Apple Watch, Apple CarPlay, Apple TV and the Apple Homepod. 

What is iOS App Development?

Apple is very strict on apps that are submitted to the store. They insist that all iOS apps must conform to the Apple review guidelines. All apps submitted to the app store, including app updates, are reviewed by Apple. Any apps that fail to comply with the guidelines run the risk of being rejected from the store. Due to this review process, it can take a bit of time between an app being submitted and it being released to the store. The time taken will vary depending on the time of year and can take a lot longer prior to the release of a new version of iOS (generally each release so far is in September every year), and in the lead up to Christmas. From our experience with iOS app development, we generally estimate a new iOS app submission can take up to 7 days, but more up to date information can be found at App Review Times.

What is Android?

Android is an open source Operating System (OS) developed and maintained by Google. It is based on a modified version of the Linux Kernel. Originally intended as a digital camera OS, Android has been primarily developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, Wear OS for wrist watches and Android Things for IoT devices. An Android app is a piece of software which is built to run on the Android OS as well as the recently supported Chrome OS. Apps in general, when built for mobile devices, are to serve as mobile solutions to services which are more commonly found on PCs. 

What is Android App Development?

he process in which an Android application is developed requires the use of a programming language. Commonly this is either Java or the newly adopted Kotlin which are both first class languages supported and promoted by Google. Although most developers opt for the use of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Android apps can be written in something as simple as a text editor as long as the required compiler is used. The most commonly used IDE is Android Studio with its advanced code completion, project navigation, utilities and inbuilt Gradle build system. It is important to note that due to its intricacies, Android app development is regarded as a specialist subject and often requires the employment of dedicated Android developers.

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