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Your logo will be the identifier which represents your company and everything about it. The key to creating a successful logo is to keep it simple yet memorable to its audience. We will use our extensive artistic ability, great understanding of balance and arrangement, typography and colour to create your bespoke logo design.

Branding is vital in any marketing strategy and is usually tackled at the same time as logo design. We look at all the different components of a brand such as name, expression, personality, tagline, typeface, colours amongst others to develop your brand bespoke to your businesses qualities and values. By creating a brand, you will link with your target customers whilst ensuring consistency across all lines of creative or marketing activity.

“Before starting any design work I take the time to learn and understand your business story, goals and target audience to create a concise set of goals. I then use a concise logo design process to ensure the final outcome not only looks good, but performs for you too.”

Although we don’t undertake the Graphic Design work ourselves we undertake the Service of a Very Talented young Graphic Designer Cheryl,  who Studied Graphic design at the University Centre at Blackburn College, Together we work with businesses and organisations developing cohesive and consistent brnd identities on both printed and digital media. The core to these identities are unique and engaging logo designs that engage the viewer and therefore make the businesses they represent memorable.

We take a collaborative approach to all the design projects I’m involved with. The first stage is to listen and to find what is unique about your business, who your customers are and what the goals for the organisation are.

The next stage is to research and understand the sector you are working within, the competition within that sector and the general culture and tone of voice that is needed.

From there a range of logo concepts are created, it is important that the process remains collaborative throughout and at each stage the client is involved to give their feedback and to enable me to greater understand the brand as a whole.

All finished logos, symbols, marques and crests are made to work at any size from large scale exhibition graphics to low resolution digital versions. Any device must reproduce in a consistent and accurate manner across a range of formats.

I don’t try to impose any sort of set ‘house style’ of my own onto a logo but rather let the target audience guide the tone of voice of the design. I do believe that simplicity and ‘unfussy’ design work communicates better. Like my business, less is more.

Below are some examples of past projects.

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